Monday, January 31, 2011

A John Deere Letter

I was thinking about writing an open letter to John Deere asking questions I had about some of their snow removal equipment. Yet, it all seemed to boil down to one question--does using your snow removal equipment replace exercise? You know.. pushing that huge things, scrambling after it when the accelerator is hit too hard, slipping in snow and holding on to it as you try to do a hair pin turn with something bigger than a hair pin. Does it count as exercise if you go chasing after the blasted thing when the accelerator gets stuck? Or does it count if you keep trying to dodge the snow that gets blown back in your face?

Though, after thinking about writing this letter, asking the important questions about one of the greatest makers of farm equipment ever (sorry International fans, I'm just saying)I'm not sure I would send something like that. Don't think it'd work.

One thing I do think though--Using that blasted snow blower makes me work on being more Chirstlike. I'm the pastor in a great small town here in right across the street form the church. I am to be an example of Christ to others. The thought keeps coming across my mind--What Would Jesus Do when blowing Snow. (I was going to do it as an acronym but thought better of it).. My mouth only says things that are pleasing to God.. so I kept my mouth shut while blowing snow.

Please be patient with me, God...I'm trying hard.. but please quit testing me with the snow blower.. maybe that's where I'm getting gray hairs from?

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