Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stuff Dreams are Made of

I do it all the time. I get great ideas. I get all the stuff that needs to get the ideas done. And I then get overwhelmed. I want to learn how to play guitar. I have an old handed down guitar. I have the aptly named Guitar for Dummies, and still the guitar sits unplayed by the dummy. Years ago I wanted to learn how to play the clarinet. I even took lessons. And now it sits. I wanted to do better by keeping a food log (which I encourage everyone to do) but after writing down that 4th bacon cheeseburger that week, I stopped. I dream big then putter out.

So, how come I still hit lifting with such vigor? I have no idea. I'm weird like that.

Last night, I was coming home from a visitation. I looked up and saw the stars in the sky. Being a city boy, I never saw them that close before, that huge before, that amazing before. There was a joke back in the mid 90's that after the 94 Northridge earthquake which knocked out power for a chunk of LA, people started calling up the police saying that the sky was filled with these weird shiny lights they had never seen before. If I had seen the stars I saw last night back then, I would have said the same thing.

I think the stars are a bit closer here in South Dakota.

Okay, so now I'm going to get spiritual here. I was realizing that God dreamed big. I mean REALLY big. And he didn't putter out. He got the job done with creation. And the poor bugger has a lot of work still to do with me. And I know he'll never give up and putter out. He'll stay with me until the end.

So I know I must endure. How can I pair down yet still dream big? How can I get excited about the things I want to do but also not get discouraged and quit?

For it is the stuff from whence dreams are made.

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