Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Deere, John letter

Back in January, I blogged (okay, maybe complained a bit too) about the snow blower. One thing about the snow blower is that it forced me to be a better Christian, to be a better example of Jesus to others. Why? Because the blasted thing really...breathe..breathe...

In short, using the snow blower in plain sight of my kids and of the community around me forced me to make sure I behaved myself and was Christ like even to the blasted...to the snow blower.

And so, summer seems to be upon us. And the lawn needs to be mowed. To tell the truth, I haven't mowed a lawn really since 1993 (It was an electric mower on wet grass...I'll let you do the math on that one).

So why am I once again writing a post on all of this? Because, I'm mowing the lawn with a John Deere mower. Last year when we first moved out here. I mowed the lawn once or twice. Why? Because I just don't don't think to mow it. That, and, well, the first time I tried mowing the grass, it took almost two hours to mow the front yard alone. And so, I kinda stopped doing it.

With spring being sprung and then summer hitting full force, the lawn needs to be mowed. My in-laws were out here over Memorial Day weekend and they helped with yard work. That's when I learned somethings.

1) That I was doing the whole mowing thing all wrong and thus making it harder and more time consuming

2)and that blasted mower is a power motor with two speeds (leisurely pace and Tim Allen's more power fast..cue the grunt).

So, once again I went to mow the lawn. First it didn't start. Then it didn't start. and then it didn't start. My son watched me from a distance. I could see what was going on in his mind "Will daddy blow a gasket again like he did with the snow blower?"

Thank you Jesus, because the thing finally did start, I put it into Tim Allen's more power super speed and did the grunt. I cranked up the tunage and mowed the lawn.

Thank you John Deere for making power mowers!

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  1. I kinda know how you feel here. I got paid to mow a lawn on Saturday. Took 3 hours with our gas mower because it was just so high. Had to string trim it too. It was nuts!