Wednesday, October 27, 2010

child like prayers

It's snowing out. In October. Im getiing used to living here. As i start up doing the 60/60 prayer thing again, i see a change in my son. The last time i did it, he would run and yell "time to pray!" We're in a new place now, in a new state, a new world ptetty much. And he now enjoys praying.

When the alarm goes off, he asks "is that the prayer alarm?" "Yes." And then he begins to pray "Dear, God..." I want my son to have a passion to pray. I want him to have a passion for Jesus, for God. Will it start here?

I have 20 minutes to go until the end of the hour. My son is at Bible study with my wife. I will be praying for him as well as for me
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