Thursday, October 14, 2010

But it's mine

Why do I force myself to do this alone? I mean, really? Why? I plug away at it. I work hard at it. I work out with fear and trembling.

A new friend offered to work out with me. Something that I miss doing. And then, I held back. But that's my time. That's Josh time. That's where I'm at, that's where I hide, that's where I'm in control. You can't join my little bit of the universe. Now, if this person had said "I'd like to check out your church." I'd've been right on board with that. Here's how you get there. This is the best place to sit. This is what I'm preaching on Sunday. That's not a problem. But to invade my sanctum, to invade what I hold so dear and true.

Why did I hold back?

Because it's part of my spiritual journey. My health, my lifting is part of my spiritual journey...and why would I want to share that with anyone... but that's the point. We are. We need to. I'm not in this alone. They eye needs the brain, the brain needs the hands, the hands need the nose...even the appendix is part of the body...

So...I need to break down my own walls. My own worries, and allow someone in on my spiritual journey... lifting weights, walking with God, seeing deeper into my own soul and my walk with God

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