Saturday, October 30, 2010

driving prayers

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I'm driving home when I realize that the alarm had already gone off. I ran to the hospital to do a visit. Someone was in the hospital and I needed to see them. It's part of being a pastor. There's something about being invited in to someone's life during a time of struggling, suffering, worrying, pain, grief. I was invited in, shed tears with them, was with them.

I left my cell phone in my car. My alarm had gone off while I was in the hospital. Did it go off while I was praying with the family? When I was praying with the parishioner? Doe sit matter. When I saw that it had gone off, while driving down the dark South Dakota highway, I prayed for my parishioner, their family and God's will.

And I continue to pray even though the alarm hasn't gone off yet.

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