Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As I've been reflecting on today's activities, I've been thinking about the demolition work site we were on today. We are in the process of tearing down a house on a lot so a new house can be built on the same lot. To tell the truth, it was a lot of fun. There's just something about taking a sledge hammer to a wall and smacking it HARD! But as we were knocking down the walls, we began to see what was behind the walls. Mold. Lots of mold. Looking at all of the mold, you could see roughly how far up the water got during Hurricane Katrina, or as they call it The Storm. When they say The Storm, it means only one storm. This man has lived in a FEMA trailer for a number of years now while his house just sat. But it is finally being taken down to have a new one built in its place.

And this is where I began thinking. There's been hurt, pain, problems and storms in my life, that's for sure. And I know that there have been many in the lives of others too. And when the storm hits, mold grows. If it's not dealt with it over takes us. Sometimes we can see it growing and act, but I was learning that mold doesn't work that way. As I looked around the house, I saw that the mold was behind the walls and in the ceiling. The mold was in places the naked eye could see. You had to know what to look for to find it.

We read in the Psalms a paraphrase of "Search me and know me" God searches us. He knows the mold we have in our lives. He knows what's wrong. We might put up a good front, but he sees the mold.

As I've been working out and exercising and working on my eating habits, every so often I cheat. That's fine. But when it gets to the point where I say, just one more, it's okay, no one will know.. then I've started to grow mold.

But, just like this house, God is in the process of tearing down and rebuilding. God promises us through Jesus that he will no only get rid of the mold, but he will rebuild us brand new.

What in your life does God need to tear down and rebuild? Will you give it over to Him? Will you allow Him to rebuild in your life?

Fitness, Food, Faith--rebuilding

Fitness--many times we get the idea that we can't do this or that. Sometimes we remember something that made us feel embarrassed when doing an exercise. Sometimes we just feel embarrassed in our own skin as we exercise. Ask God to tear down those feelings and rebuild a solid self confidence that is filled with love for yourself as God loves you. Ask that God help you see you as he sees you.

Food--I'll be honest, I have emotional attachments to eating. I am constantly battling with it. What are you attached to in eating? Ask God to tear down those feelings and emotional attachments to food and rebuild a solid understanding of how He blesses us with food to sustain us.

Faith--Ask God to tear down walls that we have put up in our lives that limit us. Ask God to tear down walls that prevent you from moving forward in your faith. Ask God to daily rebuild you to be more and more like Christ in all you do.

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  1. I must make a correction: The house wasn't be torn down completely. It was being completely gutted. It was being gutted so that all the mold could be destroyed and then a primer would be put on to help treat the wood and prevent the mold from coming back. There is still a lot rebuilding going on.. sorry about the misunderstanding.