Wednesday, March 31, 2010


For both Monday and Tuesday we worked at two different sites. The first site was with Mr. Floyd as we called him. He was a 79 year old retired pastor who was a cancer survivor. We had a few things we had to repair in his home, mainly mold damage. As we talked, he told me about how the people in the area had been helped by constant volunteers who came down from all over the US to help them and others out with recovery and relief work. As Mr. Floyd and I talked, he told me that a church recently approached him and asked him to come out of retirement to start a new church. He was leaning towards doing it. His reason: There are so many people who need it. As we drive around the area, we see countless sidewalks that lead nowhere. We see steps and mail boxes to once existing houses. Mr. Floyd is right, there is still a need out here. He didn't want people to forget about him and all the others that needed help.

Our second site was working with Robert. He is an unemployed shipwright/steel worker who deeply desires to work, but can't--no jobs available. He told me that after the storm hit, he had to use a chain saw just to get to his property. They lived in a tent for three months before they were able to move back into their mobile home. Robert said that he was lucky--he lived right near the helicopter landing zone where they would drop off supplies for everyone. He also said he never again wants to eat an MRE! What struck me was that Robert was working along side of us repairing his home. In fact after we left on Monday, he continued some of the work because we had left the supplies there. He told me that when he was first approached by the government to have his home repaired he told them to first help those living in their cars.

Looking at what this means to be a Spiritual Muscle Head, I began to think about what Jesus said to the rich young man who asked what he had to do to go to heaven. He was told to sell everything and give it to the poor. Could I do that? What else can I do to help out here besides one week of vacation time being used.

Fitness, Food, Faith--Be thankful.

Fitness--be thankful for a body that works. Appreciate it. Take care of it.

Food--be thankful for what you have. Appreciate what you eat and what you have. Eat wisely.

Faith--Be thankful. Find things where you can in even the darkest moments to thank God for.

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