Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today we continued working on the demolition/deconstruction on the house. I did realize I had made a slight mistake. I stated that they were going to completely destroy the house to rebuild it on the same spot. Yes and no. We have been gutting it so that the mold could be removed and the wood treated so that they they could rebuild the house on the inside so it would be a healthy home.

Each morning before we went off to the work sites, we would have our host, Mr. Ken, come and talk briefly with us. This morning, he talked about Jesus feeding the 5,000 with a few loves and fish. He talked about how Philip only saw the impossible. Jesus asked Philip where they should eat and Philip said, "we can't afford to feed them all." Andrew then suggested that they could maybe use a sack lunch of a few loaves of bread and some fish. Mr. Ken stated that a lot of times when God asks us to act, we either see the impossible and don't want to do it or we might think of the answer that God wants to hear from us but then not act. But then Mr. Ken stated that the boy gave his food away. He acted. And in him acting on faith, Jesus used his sack lunch to feed 5,000+.

Mr. Ken told us to go out and do the same. Give what we have, it may be small but it's all we have, and allow God to use it. He then ended with a simple prayer. "God, take my bread, take my fish, take my life, do with it as you wish."

In living my life for Christ, that is something I pray. It is something I hope you pray as well.

This has been an amazing trip and I wish I didn't have to leave early for other commitments. My prayers are with the rest of the team as they are heading back to the Chicago area tomorrow afternoon.

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