Saturday, July 30, 2011

A perfect storm of awesome

So, I've been getting back to the gym. I've also started Weight Watchers recently and they have a good app for counting points (so not getting into the whole points system, all I know is that my favorite burger at Hardee's is like 30 something points and so I have the BBQ Ranch Turkey burger which is 12). Now, this being said, I'm trying hard not to talk too much about Weight Watchers because it even annoys me sometimes.

But now about the perfect storm of awesome. There's an app for that. Literally. Back when I had an Android LG Ally, I downloaded the sweetness of workout apps from JEFIT. I mean, it rocked. Then I left my cell on top of the car and picked up the pieces later that day along HWY 44. I joined the crowd of Apple Zombies and got an iPhone as a replacement. But no JEFIT app.

One thing I could do though was watch podcasts from LIfechurch.TV while doing cardio on the bike at the gym. Then I added the Weight Watchers app. And then (cue the "Hallelujah" chorus) JEFIT released their app on the iPhone. This week has been a heaven of pain and joy. Why? This week alone, I've lost 5 pounds by following the Weight Watchers app, been getting my lifting/workout routine going with the JEFIT app and getting spiritually fed (which is hard as a pastor sometimes, I don't always get to hear others preach) while doing cardio.

That being said, wow, perfect storm of awesome this week for that. I'm working spiritual health and there's an app for that. No, seriously. The Today daily devotional is on the iPhone and also Android. Great way to do a short devotional in the morning. And then there's the Youversion Bible app. I've been listening to their audio Bible while doing long drives for hospital visits out this way (pretty much any drive is a long one in South Dakota).

What other apps are out there to help in your journey?

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