Monday, July 11, 2011

Bow ties are cool

Or that's at least what the 11th Doctor says. You're probably thinking "Wait a second. This isn't Friday. Why're we having a Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday on a Monday?" Well, we're not. I just needed an introduction into my journey trying to tie a bow tie for the first time.

I figured I'd try something different this last Sunday while preaching. I sometimes feel like Micheal Douglas in that movie Falling Down when I wear a short sleeve shirt and a tie. The problem is, is that it's so blasted hot right now in the summer time that I pretty much need to wear a short sleeve shirt.

So, after hearing a number of times from Doctor Who that bow ties are cool, I figured I'd get one and wear it to preach in. Bow ties are also hard to tie.

I looked up on the internet a variety of different sites on how to tie a bow tie. Each one had the same answer. Each one was hard. My fingers fumbled, my neck got choked and I muttered certain words under my breath. In short, I got frustrated. And more frustrated and even more frustrated. I started yelling at the bow tie as if it was its fault that I couldn't tie the blasted thing.

And then, I tied it. I was elated. It was Saturday night and I tied the bow tie all myself. So, I tried again and got it. YES! I was ready for Sunday morning.

Come Sunday morning, my fingers couldn't remember what they had done the night before. It started getting closer to church time, I started pushing harder to get that blasted thing tied. I didn't even want to wear it anymore but God help me I was going to get it tied if it was the last thing I did.

I think I was getting too frustrated and yelling at the mirror too much because my kids ran and hid. I gave up. I put on a regular tie. Of course, in all my attempt to tie a bow tie, I completely forgot how to tie my tie. ERG!

Later that evening, after I took a nap (and I so needed one) and calmed down, I came across this Youtube video.

Simple. Straight forward. Yes! And I tied it. And I looked dorky but loved it.
Moral of the story? Well, not sure if I have one really. But what I did learn is that when I get frustrated, I get frustrated and I begin to make more mistakes. And then I get more frustrated. I think that we do this when we're exercising, when we're dealing friends, loved one, family, spouses, we get frustrated and more frustrated and then blow up. We can even do that with God.

My suggestion? God created naps. Take one. You'll feel better.

Are there times where you could probably use a nap when you get way frustrated?

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