Thursday, September 8, 2011

They said me said

So, I wasn't planning on posting something just because I've been sick. I mean, really sick. Apparently there's something called walking pneumonia. And right now with how tired I've been even my illness is more active than I (can you hear the rim shot or is that just me).

One thing I've been noticing while I've been sick is how many people tell me so many different ideas of what I should do while sick and what I should have done to prevent being sick. And I'm not saying these are suggestions but instead they come across as absolutes, as if this is the only way I should go.

"You should have had more Vitamin C"

"You should have had more fresh air."

"What you need now is less dairy and more juice."

"You need to think positive" (okay, trying that, nope, still sick)

Honestly, this doesn't just end with being ill. It's also in parenting:

"Put the kid on your schedule because you're the parent." "Just let them cry." And then parents look at me weird when my kid falls down and smacks their knee I tell them "Shake it off, walk it off, throw some dirt on it." Okay, not always the best thing but now when my kids fall down they get right back up and keep playing.

I hear it when trying to loose weight and exercise:

"Stop having so much dairy." (and I love this part) "No other animal above infants drinks milk after being weened like humans do. It's just a conspiracy by the diary companies"

or "So many people are anti fat and anti meat, you need more of that not less"

or "What you need to do is exercise in the morning because that's the best time you're bodies ready for it."

or "High reps low weights." or "high weights and low reps" or "split the routine."

You get where I'm going, right? These are all opinions. And if you, the reader, have told me one of these before and might be grumbling to yourself (you know who you are, right?) please don't take offense. You aren't the first nor the last to tell me as such.

Now, don't think I'm getting all wishywashy on health and stuff. There are some absolutes. 1)Lift with your knees, not your back 2)Low caloric intake with high exercise is the optimum way to loose weight 3)weight training is a vital exercise in improving muscle size and quality.

There are time tested medical and scientific absolutes. When working on being healthy, please keep these absolutes in mind. When being spiritually healthy, please keep the notion of an absolute truth in mind as well--God through Jesus Christ. Yes. I went there. You didn't see that coming? Sorry.

Opinions are out there and there are many. But there are also important absolutes you need to know. If being healthy mind, body and soul is important, then seek the great physician who is the great healer. Okay, I can go more into this and some might just be frustrated that I stopped there but this is a blog, not a book. More sometime down the road though, I promise.

Until then, stay healthy my friends, stay healthy.

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