Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Confession Time

I'm pastoring a great church right now--Corsica CRC and Grace Reformed. Two denominations (CRC and RCA) but one congregation. When we worship at Grace, we have a time called God's Guide for Living. Two weeks ago, I read from 1 John where it says, if we confess our sins, he will forgive us. I have a confession to make. I haven't been as healthy as I should be as of late. I haven't been eating the way I know I should be, I haven't been working out--at all! And I'm feeling it. I'm feeling bogged down, I'm feeling frustrated, I'm feeling, I don't know, bleh. I know I don't like how I'm feeling, yet I don't do anything about it.

I wonder if this is how it feels when we don't confess. My wife took out the garbage from the kitchen this morning because I (again) forgot to take it out. I'm wondering, is it the same thing as not working out or not confessing. If you don't take out the garbage, after a while it builds up and stinks. You know it's not good to have it out all the time, you know you need to get rid of it, you know you need to dispose of it and give it over to the garbage man, but you still don't.

If we confess, he will forgive. So, I'm confessing. I'm not working out the way I should and I'm I think I'm feeling it physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'd lift, do devotions, focus, clear out my self, and give to God and be ready for the day, the week... now, not so much. And yet I don't do ANYTHING with it. It just sits there. I haven't even gone into the weight room I set up because I just feel guilty about not doing anything. So, I think about trying it again, and then I hear Yoda in my mind "there is do and do not, there is not try." So, yeah.. well.. still gotta do it before the garbage piles up too high

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