Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm not a runner

I remember back in high school and junior high we had to run. A lot. In junior high, we had to run a two mile run once a month. In high school, we had to do a mile and a half once a week. And if we didn't meet a certain time limit, then we lost the grade for that day. Back in high school I was pretty healthy (though I think a lot people say that) but I was highly active. I was walking or biking to school almost every day--a three mile journey one way. But I wasn't a runner. Honestly, I'm not built for running. I have some good friends who are built for running. And they can run. Me? I'm built for lifting heavy things. I'm good at that. I like doing that.

So what does this mean for exercising and being spiritual?

Because I do run. I'm not good at it, but I'm getting better. I really am. I've actually done a mile and a half in 15:45 (this doesn't beat the time limit for back in high school but a lot better than I used to do).

As I've been working on becoming healthier, I've learned that I shouldn't just stick to something I'm built for. In doing my cardio as running verses riding a bike which I like to do I've improved in an area I wasn't as god at. And I've learned something about myself too. I may not be built for it and I may not always be good at it, but I can make a personal best.

I think sometimes in our spiritual walk we don't go past what we think we're gifted in. Sometimes we don't even look at some of the spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit gives to us who are in Jesus Christ. We just simply walk along the way thinking "I'm not good at this, I'm not good at that. I'm a better follower than a leader." We can sometimes get stuck in our ways and not allow ourselves to grow spiritually. What I find interesting is the fact that when a child is born, we don't expect them to stay a child. We expect them to grow and try new things, to grow and learn and become who they are mean to be. For those of us in Jesus Christ, we have been reborn through the power of the Holy Spirit, and are expected to grow into who God wants us to be. How can we if we don't step forward and try new things? How can we if we don't listen to the Holy Spirit in moving forward?

Part of our health is following and listening to the Holy Spirit as He guides us in our daily life. Part of that guiding is working on my health physically and maturing spiritually.

Food, Fitness, Faith: Learn and Grow

Food: Don't get stuck on just one type of diet. Try other ways of eating and dieting. It is a lifestyle not a quick fix, allow yourself to grow in understanding what types of foods work best for you to be healthy and fit.

Fitness: Don't always stick to the same exercise routine. Studies have shown that this makes your body actually go into maintenance rather than into weight loss and muscle growth. It can also become boring and even discouraging. Mix it up, see how you can find ways to change what you're doing and see how you react to it.

Faith: Don't get stuck in a spiritual rut. Trust in the Holy Spirit and his guiding. Step forward in faith in trying new things in your faith walk and in reading God's word. Try to find ways to do something new in church or in a bible study or small group.. find new ways to stay true to His Word and learning more about Him and His will for your life.

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